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Expressions by Mikhail – Russian Jewelry Designer Projects the Eternal Beauty of Nature and Art

Mikhail Alexander Epelman, a Russian immigrant, was born and raised in St. Petersburg surrounded by the astounding beauty of the city's 18th and 19th-century architecture. He was profoundly influenced by its aesthetics. So upon acceptance at the prestigious University of St. Petersburg, he chose to major in political science and architecture while also training in sculpture. But with the changing political system in Russia, Mikhail knew the United States would provide him the freedom to fully concentrate on his art. So in late 1979, he defected and made his way to America.

The dawning of a Russian jewelry designer

Upon arrival, Mikhail continued his studies but also became more involved in sculpting. He bought loose gemstones and began creating forms out of wax. Instantly, a newfound love took hold, and in 1982, 'Expressions by Mikhail' was born. With an astute eye for aesthetics, the Russian jewelry designer took a unique and personalized approach to his dynamic jewelry.

Mikhail's American dream was further realized when in 1986, he opened his first gallery in metropolitan Detroit. Soon after, Mikhail had a big break. While attending the Tucson Gem Show, a pair of gallery owners pointed to a ring on Mikhail's wife's hand. One exclaimed, “Oh my, who made that ring?” It was then and there Mikhail's career as a Russian jewelry designer took off.

A few years later, in the early 1990s, Mikhail and Bradley Gough of Bradley Gough Diamonds met. The two instantly hit it off with their aspiration to bring beautiful, exciting jewelry to Indiana customers. With immense respect for and fairness toward one another, their friendship blossomed into an enduring relationship.

Today, as a native Russian jewelry designer, Mikhail is well-known for his sought after stylistic jewelry. Numerous collectors own 15 to 20 pieces of his handcrafted jewelry.

The unexampled nature of Expressions by Mikhail

One of the many unique and fascinating facets of Mikhail's jewelry is his design process. He travels the world to such exotic places as the Indo China region of Ceylon and Madagascar, Africa in search of the most exquisite and extraordinary diamonds and precious gemstones. Diametric to other designers, he then creates a stunning ring or bracelet to showcase a resplendent jewel.

Also unique to Mikhail's jewelry is that every piece is designed to be admired from every angle. Jewelry by other makers is designed to look beautiful only when looking at it straight on. But Mikhail's creations take the artistry of jewelry to a whole new level, reflective of jewelry as a true art form.

Mikhail's visibility as an artisan is unparalleled. He frequently attends special events at Bradley Gough Diamonds. Many of Mikhail's followers attend every event just to see what new and exciting pieces he has created. Mikhail always takes this opportunity to work with his customers seeking one-of-a-kind heirlooms. Whether you desire a spray of regal amethysts and honey amber set in 18 karat gold or the elegant simplicity of a brilliant cut solitaire diamond accented in pure platinum, you'll behold the most stunning exquisite piece of jewelry your eyes have rested upon.

In an effort to balance nature, form, and art, Expressions by Mikhail mirrors the colors and shapes in our environment. Mikhail's unexampled creations range from magnificent architectural designs to fluid

compositions that leave you in awe. The tranquil fluidity of his designs is reflective of the peacefulness in nature – while the architectural aspect reflects the intrinsic artistic nature of the human spirit. These characteristics come together in perfect unity in Expressions by Mikhail leaving wearers of his creations a feeling of peace and utter harmony.

Mikhail's line of intricately designed wedding rings is especially popular. These stunning creations are handmade with brilliant hand-selected conflict free diamonds. Each uniquely elegant ring transcends time and place. It reflects the enduring passion that embodies a couple's yearning for one another and their devotion to marriage. Like Mikhail's rings, every couple is a unique combination of individuality that comes together in perfect unison. Expressions by Mikhail are reflective of a couple's distinct nature.

Characteristic of Expressions by Mikhail is that each handcrafted piece is designed with only the finest elements in nature. Pure platinum, 18 karat gold, and hand-chosen fine gems, from lustrous true-blue sapphires to bright vivid emeralds, embody the Russian jewelry designer's pieces. Not only does Mikhail travel to far corners of the world in search of these exotic gemstones – his network of dealers around the world travel deep into the mines in search of the precise jewel Mikhail requests.

As an award winning designer, Mikhail's dynamic jewelry is found only in the finest jewelry stores throughout the United States and abroad.